You Are Your Style February 23, 2019

Style, all the ways you can achieve it!

Style has always been a big talking point – most people think you either have it or you don’t. But, we don’t believe that, because we know you can be stylish no matter what you are, what you wear or how you look. Style is down to confidence and how you wear the clothes you like. Style is not defined by looking a certain way or having the latest trends.

You set your own style and you make it work for you.

Some people believe that being a certain shape or size automatically means that you are stylish and can wear all of the in clothes but here at Red Hot Couture we want to show you that is not the case. Whether you are a Fruity Apple, Juicy Pear, Sexy Strawberry, Curvy Hourglass or a Red Hot Chilli – you can have style and flaunt it how you want to.



Take Marilyn Monroe. Monroe is arguably the most famous style icon for her curves and showing them off how she wanted to. Nobody told her that she wasn’t stylish just because of her curvy hourglass figure and she wore exactly what she wanted to. Marilyn Monroe is the perfect example to show how you don’t have to be how people perceive things to fit the mould – her confidence, dressing to suit her shape and love of herself made her one of the most stylish women ever to grace the world.


What Icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn highlighted is how important it is to shop for your body shape and don’t just go for what is in fashion. If you know you are a Curvy Hourglass then flaunt it with clothes that flatter your shape, don’t hide under some other item of clothing just because it is the style of the moment. At the moment, celebs included, a lot of people seem to be steering away from things that are currently in fashion and are dressing how they want. Whether that be wearing a skinny jean and flares are in or wearing a baggy, boyfriend hoodie when cropped, fitted jumpers are in. A lot of people are making fashion and style their own.

A lot of people believe that to be stylish you have to have money and be able to buy the designer clothes, have the latest accessories and show them off. You don’t. Style comes from the person inside and is all about how you put things together and work with what you are given.



Stacey Soloman is a perfect example of a stylish woman whose style comes from the confidence she carries within. Stacey rose to fame for being down to earth, bubbly and talented when she was on the X-Factor in 2009. A lot of people commented on the clothes Stacey wore back then and still do now because she wasn’t their idea of someone ‘stylish’. But when you look, she epitomised the idea of having your own style and owning it. Now Stacey is older and a regular on Loose Women, her clothing style may have changed but she is still stylish because of who she is and her confidence.



Style is one thing in this world that remains timeless. Things can change, people can change – your body type can go from a Red Hot Chilli to a Juicy Pear – but as long as you have confidence, feel good about he clothes you are wearing then you have style and always will do.




Author: Jenny Hunter
Graphics: Hayden Williams