Get Red Hot advice about what suits your body shape best! January 27, 2019

It has never been more important to know what type of body shape you have to help you find the perfect clothes, that suit you brilliantly.

Red Hot Couture is the place to go if you want all the know about how to discover your body shape – and we make it so easy, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to come to us.

Which Body Shape Are You?

Our Body Shape Calculator is easy to use, takes minimal time to find your shape and can give you the confidence to shop in just minutes.



Are you a Fruity Apple or a Juicy Pear? How about a Sexy Strawberry or a Curvy Hourglass? Or maybe you’re just a Red Hot Chilli?


Whichever you are, once you know then it opens up your eyes to a new world of clothes shopping possibilities. The steps to take are just so easy:

Step 1: Take your bust measurements, your hip measurements and then your waist measurements.

Step 2: On our Red Hot Couture Body Shape Calculator – use the sliders to enter your measurements.

Step 3: Press the Red button to calculate your body shape.


Even the celebs shop by body shape

Now come on ladies, tell me that wasn’t the easiest thing you have done in a while? Exactly! And the best thing is – you are now ready to take your shape shopping to find the best clothes to suit you and your figure.

Just think, now you have the world of fashion at your feet. Want jeans that show off your curves but make your legs look supermodel long – no problem! Want that perfect dress to impress at the work party but aren’t sure what will flatter your larger bust? – No problem now your know your shape.

 So what are you waiting for? Try it now and never look back.


Author: Jenny Hunter