Get in Shape for Ladies Day at the Races April 3, 2019

Finding that perfect racegoers outfit to look your best is now even easier.

With the Aintree three-day meeting coming up there is a lot of pressure on women to have the perfect outfit that looks absolutely fabulous whether it is for Ladies Day or the Grand National itself.

By using Red Hot Couture’s Body Shape Calculator – you can look and feel good, whilst having the best experience at Aintree Racecourse.


First things first, find your shape with our body shape calculator – it’s really easy to use, just follow our easy guide on this blog. Once you know if you are a Fruity Apple, a Juicy Pear, a Sexy Strawberry, a Curvy Hourglass or maybe you’re just a Red Hot Chilli then you can get on with finding your perfect racegoers outfit.

Second, you need to decide which outfit route you want to go down. It will be much more easy now you know your body shape.

Curvy Hourglasses want to be classy yet highlight their fantastic curves. A nice, long gown in a subtle colour like a peach would be perfect.

Red Hot Chilli’s have the perfect shape to pull off a daring pant suit in either a striking colour or with bold print.


Finally, accessorize!! For the races, accessories are arguably the most important part of the whole outfit. Whether its a statement handbag, heels to die for, sparkly jewellery or a show-stopping hat that gets you noticed from a far.

So, what are you waiting for ? Use Red Hot Couture’s Body Shape Calculator and wow the crowds at Aintree Races, Chester Races or Royal Ascot this year.


Author: Jenny Hunter