Freddy Pants - WR.UP®

Sometimes us girls need a lift, Freddy is here to help

Feel gorgeous and desired, be the object of envy, always up to task.

Wearing a WR.UP® means bringing up your curves in a natural way, rewarding yourself with an experience of femininity and sensuality you won’t get along without.

Colours, washes, lengths and different details, to perfectly match with every shape and personality.

The WR.UP® secret is all about the exclusive WR.UP® technology which enhances your femininity through a shaping and embracing action on the buttocks, thighs and waist, providing a perfectly shaping effect on the most delicate points of your legs.

Everything perfectly mixes and matches with the softness and comfort of jersey material. An undisputed excellence of Freddy.

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Exclusive WR.UP® Technology

Freddy Pants UK

1 - The material used is cotton jersey devised to obtain the utmost control and stretch.

2 - The specific anatomical shape and the various bends of the insert which covers the buttocks, create a modelling and holding effect as well as a push up effect.

3 - The shape of the crotch, materials used and type of sewing, make sure that the trousers fit perfectly the inter-buttock groove and induce a push-up pressure.

4 - Customised silicone band which improves the waistline fit with a further shaping effect inserted inside the belt.

5 - Extra light silicone membrane which creates a modelling and holding effect; it is inserted inside the trousers at hip/thigh level.

A customized silicone band shapes and sculpts the waistline while keeping pants up and in place

High quality fabric with the perfect amount of stretch combined with strategically placed panels provide a smoothing and shaping effect to the hips and thighs.

Specially designed seams define the bottom while creating a supportive lift.

FREDDY WR.UP® are not the same as regular pants. The unique design and elastic materials make the pants extremely comfortable but also more delicate. They need to be cherished and treated with care.  Please follow these care instructions to ensure you keep your garments in great shape so you can continue to enjoy your FREDDY WR.UP® long after they are bought.



  • When choosing your dream FREDDY WR.UP pants It is important that you get the correct size so they can accentuate your figure rather than flatten and over stretch around your buttocks and crotch area.  If the seams are over stretched it can cause too much pressure and could lead to damaging the pants.
  • You need to put on your FREDDY WR.UP® pants like stockings by gradually rolling them up the legs.
  • Always open the buttons and undo the zipper before putting on and taking them off.
  • DO NOT pull at the belt loops or tug at the waist of the pants, as this will damage the pants.
  • Be extra careful if you have long or false fingernails and keep your pants away from sharp or rough surfaces as these can damage the delicate material of the pants.
  • FREDDY WR.UP® fashion pants may give some people the impression they could be used for working out. These pants are not designed to be used while exercising, they are meant to be used after the gym. Try our FREDDY WR.UP® Sport with its D.I.W.O technology if you are looking for something to run, train or work out in.
  • HAND WASH only in cold water with a small amount of mild detergent
  • Unfasten any buttons before washing
  • DO NOT use fabric softener as this inhabits the wicking capabilities in technical fabrics
  • Wash sport wear after each use, as deodorants may bleach the fabric.
  • DO NOT leave wet. DO NOT soak. DO NOT tumble dry. DO NOT dry clean. DO NOT bleach
  • DO NOT iron on or near the silicone membrane
  • Line dry in shade without delay. DO NOT dry in direct sunlight.

Please read the care instructions on your FREDDY garments as each care label differs depending on make up of the fabric and style.

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